Are you a budding entrepreneur in Sacramento seeking to turn your creative ideas into successful ventures? Look no further than Made Makerspace, where you can bring your entrepreneurial dreams to life without the burden of significant startup costs. By leveraging the state-of-the-art sublimation printing and heat press equipment available at Made Makerspace, combined with a membership to the space, you can explore many business opportunities on platforms like Etsy, Instagram, Squarespace, and more. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the exciting range of businesses you can establish using these tools, requiring only minimal upfront investment. Let’s get started!

  1. Customized Apparel and Accessories: Embrace Personalized Style

Discover the thriving market of customized apparel and accessories by utilizing the sublimation printing and heat press facilities at Made Makerspace. Design and produce unique items, including t-shirts, hoodies, hats, bags, and phone cases, with limitless possibilities for trendy graphics, bespoke patterns, and individualized customer names or logos. Showcase your creations on platforms like Etsy, Instagram, and Squarespace to attract a wide customer base drawn to personalized fashion statements.

  1. Home Décor and Personalized Gifts: Infuse Personal Touches

Create stunning home décor and personalized gifts using Made Makerspace’s sublimation printing and heat press equipment. Transform ceramic tiles, coasters, mugs, photo frames, and more into vibrant, customized pieces that add personality to living spaces. From personalized wall art to decorative pillows and stylish kitchenware, cater to customers seeking unique and meaningful items. These products also make perfect gifts for special occasions, capturing a broad customer base celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, and other milestones.

  1. Promotional Merchandise for Businesses: Amplify Brand Presence

Tap into the realm of promotional merchandise by leveraging Made Makerspace’s sublimation printing and heat press resources. Produce branded pens, keychains, mouse pads, water bottles, and even corporate apparel such as polo shirts or uniforms, helping businesses boost their brand identity. Collaborate with local enterprises, startups, and organizations to provide customized merchandise aligned with their unique brand image. This market offers opportunities for repeat business and steady growth.

  1. Sublimated Pet Products: Delight Pet Owners

Cater to the deep affection pet owners have for their furry companions by creating sublimated pet products. Utilize Made Makerspace’s sublimation printing and heat press equipment to craft personalized pet tags, bandanas, collars, leashes, and customized pet bowls. Market these adorable and exclusive offerings on dedicated online platforms for pet products or leverage social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook groups where pet owners congregate.

  1. Event Merchandise and Souvenirs: Commemorate Unforgettable Moments

Establish your presence in the events industry by providing memorable merchandise and souvenirs. With Made Makerspace’s sublimation printing and heat press capabilities, design eye-catching event-related products like badges, lanyards, keyrings, and customized apparel. Collaborate with event organizers and local vendors to showcase and sell your merchandise at various events. Promote your offerings through social media platforms, building a reputation for delivering high-quality, unique event memorabilia.


Made Makerspace in Sacramento offers a launchpad for entrepreneurs to transform their creative ideas into thriving businesses, minus the hefty startup costs. By harnessing the power of sublimation printing and heat press equipment, you can venture into diverse markets such as customized apparel, home décor, personalized gifts, promotional merchandise, pet products, event memorabilia, and beyond. With the support of online platforms like Etsy, Instagram

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