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Life made by you

MADE, the latest innovation of its parent company Hacker Lab, is where dreams become a reality. For over a decade, Hacker Lab has supported countless individuals to “BUILD CODE UNITE”. At MADE, we live by the mantra “Life MADE by you,” inspiring and equipping people with the tools they need to carve their path to achievement. Our mission is to empower people to unleash their inner potential and talents, leading to sustainable and fulfilling lives. What do you want to create? We are here for it.

Our team of Creators

Gina Lujan

Founder Of The Joint

Lisa Marie

Chief Of All Knowing

MADE Studio (Instagram Post (Square)

Brannon Harris

Team & EDU Ops


Anita Gomez

Community Coordinator


Zack Dickhart

Makerspace Tech

Jon Hines

Master Maker

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Joe Veale

Makerspace Tech

Why the Hacker Lab community?

Discover the wonders of Hacker Lab’s MADE Studio, where learning and creativity meld to conjure magic in your life. Immerse yourself in our inspiring community, brimming with extraordinary individuals and their groundbreaking ideas coming to life. Let us be your guiding light, as we help transform your passion into reality.

Dedicated Team

We love our folks and we are here to support you.


We offer classes and small business navigation to all our members.

high-end equipment

MADE prides itself in it's offerings when it comes to our equipment.

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