Here are our whimsically serious answers to the questions we hear most often:

1. **Do I need a secret handshake (membership) to attend classes or events?**
Not at all; we believe in a welcoming open-door policy. So feel free to join our fabulous community events or jump into your learning journey.

2. **How can I be a master of the equipment?**
Joining our band of makers at MADE needs some training, especially for the tools that need sign-offs. Fear not! Many of our tools are free spirits that don’t require such formalities. We will happily help you schedule a sign-off for your tool of interest. Training, after all, ensures your MADE experience is as brilliant as it should be.

3. **Do I have to sign in blood to commit to a membership?**
No, we promise no membership commitment – and certainly, no blood is involved! However, we’d appreciate a heads-up if you’re planning to bid us adieu.

4. **Can I bend time and extend my membership beyond the allotted days?**
You can always buy an extra day if you’ve exhausted your membership days and still can’t get enough of MADE. Just log into MADE under “Day Passes.” or upgrade your plan. Yes, we’ve made bending time that simple!

5. **Can I share my membership like a Netflix password?**
While we love the spirit of sharing, we request that individuals frequently visiting or using our tools unsupervised have their own memberships, access cards, and training. Remember, the more, the merrier!

6. **What’s your cancellation policy? Cancel and get chased by an angry mob?**
Not quite! You can cancel anytime without the fear of pitchforks or penalties. If you have second thoughts within the first three days of a new month and haven’t yet used the space, we’ll even return your payment.

7. **Do I need to cough up for setup fees?**
Right now, the answer is a big fat NO! There are no setup fees to join the MADE family. But remember, the future is as unpredictable as a cat on a trampoline!

8. **Looking for any volunteers?**
While volunteering is not as compulsory as morning coffee, we cherish every bit of help we can get. If you’d like to lend a hand, we’d love to have you onboard!

9. **Can my little munchkins accompany me?**
We adore children at MADE, but their safety is paramount. You’re responsible for their well-being. Note that our facility is an active shop and office, not a playground or daycare. Direct supervision is required for children, especially around tools. Remember, kids and dangerous or delicate tools need special care. A non-signed-off adult isn’t enough. Unsupervised, disruptive, or unsafe children may be asked to leave, subject to staff or members’ discretion.

10. **Can I set up a co-working space?**
While we don’t have a specific co-working membership, our doors are open for co-working Monday through Friday, from 10 am to 5 pm.

For any other burning questions, feel free to drop us a line! We’re all ears.