Our love For Everyone and Our Work


At Hacker Lab and SacMADE, we understand the struggles faced by African American, Latinos, LGBTQ and Indigenous communities in the Sacramento region and Oak Park. We see the gaps in access to education and safe space, especially in the arts and technology, and we believe everyone deserves the chance to learn and grow, no matter their background or age.

Our Promise: We’re committed to breaking down the barriers that hold people back. This means getting rid of outdated policies, changing harmful attitudes, and challenging cultural norms that keep inequities alive.

Why We Focus on Racial Equity: Racial inequality isn’t just history; it’s a reality that still affects lives today. Governments at all levels have played a part in creating and sustaining these inequities. While we’ve made progress, deep and lasting disparities remain. Tackling racial inequity helps us address other forms of discrimination tied to income, gender, disability, and sexual identity. These issues are interconnected, creating powerful systems of oppression. We’re pushing for changes that last, knowing that even in tough times, our commitment to equity must stay strong.

Our Approach: At Hacker Lab Edu, we aim to:

  • Make our programs and space inclusive, ensuring they reflect diverse perspectives, especially from those often left out.
  • Diversify our board and leadership to mirror the communities we serve.
  • Foster a fair and open working environment where everyone can thrive.
  • Use fair and inclusive hiring and promotion practices.
  • Promote racial equity in our educational and community offerings, giving everyone a fair shot at creative and tech opportunities.
  • Base our decisions on solid data and proven methods to develop and promote effective programs.

Our Story: Hacker Lab Edu started with a mission to fight educational and technology inequities. Over time, we’ve grown and partnered with more organizations, broadening our impact. Our journey is ongoing as we strive to dismantle systemic racism and uplift all communities.

Our Actions:

  • Creating programs that are inclusive and value diverse viewpoints.
  • Ensuring our leadership reflects the diversity of the communities we serve.
  • Building a workplace that values fairness, openness, and excellence.
  • Grounding our work in data and evidence to make informed decisions.
  • Supporting the right of all community members to equitable creative learning and fostering community-driven educational opportunities.

We’re committed to learning and evolving. As we grow, so will our policies and practices, ensuring we continue to address these critical issues with the care and attention they deserve.

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